WRHS is committed to the comfort and care of our patients and their families, but don’t take it from us—see for yourself how our team of talented doctors, nurses, and support staff are improving the health of our community, one patient at a time.

Tim Finley

When I learned that I had Prostate Cancer, I chose White River Medical Center for my care. Our community is blessed to have this facility. Tim Finley, Melbourne 

Mary Davis

White River Medical Center felt like home. It was exactly the environment I wanted for my delivery. 

Paul Moser

"I was for sure that I had a pinched nerve in my neck. They assured me I had bigger problems. The fast care I received in the Emergency Room at White River Medical Center saved my life"

Herb Miller

"I came out one day. Started my car, put my foot on the clutch and my old knee was working again. I backed that dude out and drove it all over town. With a smile from ear to ear."

Carol Blount

“I will forever be grateful to the emergency room at White River Medical Center; they saved my life.”

Melissa Wyatt

“We wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.”

Stephen Gay

“They’re really wonderful people. When I was released, I kept thinking, what could I do to show them how much I appreciated them.”

Kim Osborne

“I was treated so well by each department that I was in. It was nothing but constant care.”

Jane Summers

“They care about me, because they care about our community.”

Mitch Bell

“The personal care I received at White River helped me walk again and get my life back to normal.”