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Standards Of Behavior

At White River Health System, we are here to serve our customers. Our customers include, but are not limited to, patients, families, providers, co-workers, students, healthcare instructors, visitors, and volunteers. We are committed to providing compassionate care with the highest regard to customer service to every customer, every time.

As associates of White River Health System, whether as an employee, provider, student, healthcare instructor, volunteer, or contract personnel, we must take PRIDE in our organization. We recognize taking PRIDE as taking a Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence. PRIDE is essential. To succeed, we must provide Prompt Service, display Respect, be Involved, show professional Demeanor, and ensure Environmental Focus.

The purpose of specifying standards of behaviors is to give associates guidance in understanding his or her role in helping White River Health System achieve customer satisfaction goals and exceed customer expectations.

I care; therefore, I will commit to the following PRIDE standards. Please read and click I Agree to view open positions. 


  • I will welcome customers promptly with a smile, eye contact, and verbal greeting. I will introduce myself when within an appropriate setting.
  • I will meet the customer's immediate need. If I am unable to meet this need, I will gladly assist in finding someone who will. I will never say, "I am busy," or "I don't have time."
  • I will escort a lost customer to his or her destination and avoid giving verbal or pointing directions.
  • I will respect and recognize the value of customer time with an apology for delays in service. I will follow up with timely updates.
  • I will anticipate and correct problems before the problems become complaints. If I am unable to correct these problems, I will find someone who can.
  • I will understand the importance of answering call lights in a timely manner. I will maintain a proactive approach in anticipation of customer needs. I will ask, "Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time."
  • I will ensure correspondence receives a timely response.
  • I will be punctual to begin my work shifts and for meetings.


  • I will treat each customer as I would expect to be treated.
  • I will introduce myself with name, title, and explanation of my role in providing customer care.
  • I will focus on patient and customer needs to create a positive experience. I will ensure they have trust and confidence in my care. I will not use statements, such as, "We are short staffed today"; "I am not taking care of you, you're not my patient"; and "It's not my job."
  • I will strive to achieve satisfaction by promoting AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You).
  • I will show courtesy and positive manners with appropriate responses. I will say, "Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, and Excuse Me."
  • I will respect privacy and confidentiality of others. I will comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • I will keep all interactions with customers positive. I will provide undivided attention and listen with empathy.
  • I will recognize, make effort to understand, and respond to the cultural diversity of my customers and their needs.
  • I will use appropriate phone and elevator etiquette.
  • I will answer the telephone within three rings and pleasantly greet the customer with "Thank you for choosing White River Health System." I will introduce the appropriate health system, myself, and department. This will be followed by, "How may I help you?"
  • I will allow customers to enter and exit the elevator first. I will turn and place patients in the elevator in the same direction as the other customers. I will break elevator silence by greeting the other customers. I will use the service elevators for patients or equipment transport only.
  • I will be mindful of communication device (cell phone, text, internet, or iPod) use during my work time. I will limit use to appropriate work areas and not in the immediate presence of customers.


  • I will take ownership for addressing concerns. I will feel responsible for the outcomes of my efforts.
  • I will bring forward cost-saving ideas. I will not waste hospital or clinic time, resources, or equipment.
  • I will encourage innovation and constant improvement in efficiency.
  • I will take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills. I will complete all mandatory training to maintain my credentials and licensure.
  • I will be positive and supportive of change within the organization.
  • I will be a team player and work collaboratively to help customers and employees. I will refrain from using the words, "It's not my job".
  • I will read departmental and organizational communication to stay informed of current happenings and expectations within the organization. I will avoid responding, "I didn't know".
  • I will give and receive constructive criticism with insight as an opportunity to improve.
  • I will initiate service recovery with a sincere apology upon knowledge of a customer complaint or failed expectation.
  • I will strive to be a consistently high performer. I will recognize delivering excellence as a standard of care.


  • I will display a professional appearance with appropriate workplace attire and personal hygiene. I will be knowledgeable of the organizational dress code policy.
  • I will wear my ID badge at all times with photo facing outward. I will realize the importance of my badge as a means to communicate who I am and what I do.
  • I will show concern and compassion with a willingness to serve. I will be sensitive to the effects of my attitude and actions.
  • I will appreciate and cooperate with all departments and staff. I will manage up and be supportive of co-workers to ease anxiety of patients in their care. Achieving desired patient outcomes depends on teamwork.
  • I will demonstrate enthusiasm in performing my job duties. Knowing attitude is everything, I will serve with passion and stay positive at all times.
  • I will display honesty and integrity.
  • I will avoid negative or unprofessional conversations.
  • I will wear White River Health System apparel proudly during system sponsored and community events.


  • I will strive to provide a calm and healing environment. I will go above and beyond basic care to provide comfort.
  • I will endorse a decrease in noise level within customer care areas.
  • I will recognize call lights and alarms with immediate response. I will realize each call light could be an emergency.
  • I will keep work areas, public places, and meeting rooms clean and clutter free.
  • I will identify and report safety hazards.
  • I will use machinery and equipment appropriately.
  • I will demonstrate proper safety in body mechanics, techniques, and procedures to keep myself and customers safe.
  • I will assure security of information from computers by logging off when leaving a shared or unsecured workstation.
  • I will help in prevention of infection. I will follow the organizational hand hygiene policy. I will gather and dispose of soiled laundry and trash in an appropriate manner.

Commitment Statement: I acknowledge I am expected to practice these standards of behavior at all times. I accept responsibility for assuring my behavior complies with these standards. I understand any behavior displaying direct conflict with these standards will be handled accordingly.

I care, therefore, I will abide by the preceding PRIDE standards of behavior.