Healthy Habits Talk Series

Event Location
Josephine Raye Rogers Center for Women & Imaging

Nutrition Labels🤯

If those two words make you cringe you may want to join us on April 16th as Amy Finster, RD talks about how to read those sometimes difficult to understand but oh so important...Nutrition Labels.


We all look at Nutrition Labels for different reasons. Whatever the reason, most all of us would like to know how to use the information they provide more effectively to reach our nutrition goals.


Did you know that good nutrition can help you to maintain

✔️Healthy Weight

✔️Lower Blood Pressure

✔️Lower Cholesterol

✔️Improved Well-Being

✔️Improved Ability to Fight off Illness

✔️Increased Energy Level

✔️and much much more


Join us for this free Healthy Habits Talk Series.

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