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Financial Assistance FAQs

We know most medical costs are unexpected, and understanding your medical bills can be complicated. The White River Health System (WRHS) financial team wants to help you meet your needs. Our billing specialists and financial advocates are available to help answer your questions.

What should I do first?

If paying your bill creates a financial burden or you believe the cost of your healthcare will be a financial burden, it is very important to let us know so we can help.

Financial Advocates

White River Health System

What is Financial Assistance?

If approved, Financial Assistance reduces your WRHS bill. Your financial assistance is only applicable for services received at WRHS facilities and by WRHS providers. How much it is reduced is based on established guidelines that include income level, medical condition, and other indicators of inability to pay. If you think you might qualify for assistance, we encourage you to contact us and apply.

You may be eligible for:

  • Medicaid
  • Drug Financial Assistance through various Foundations
  • Payment Plans
  • Financial Assistance

Who Qualifies for Financial Assistance?

Financial Assistance is available for patients with limited incomes and who are uninsured or underinsured.

Patients may be eligible to receive financial assistance for non-emergency, medically necessary services at WRHS if they meet the income limits.

If your income is equal to or less than 100% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines and you meet the Financial Assistance Guidelines, you may be eligible for care at no cost to you. If your income is greater than 100% but not greater than 300% and you meet the Financial Assistance Guidelines, then you may be eligible for care at a reduced cost to you.

What are the income limits for Financial Assistance?

Family Size 100% 133% 138% 150% 200% 250% 300% 400%
1 $12,140 $12,140 $16,753 $18,210 $18,210 $18,210 $36,420 $48,560
2 $16,460 $21,892 $22,715 $24,690 $32,920 $41,150 $49,380 $65,840
3 $20,780 $27,637 $28,676 $31,170 $41,560 $51,950 $62,340 $83,120
4 $25,100 $33,383 $34,638 $37,650 $50,200 $62,750 $75,300 $100,400
5 $29,420 $39,129 $40,600 $44,130 $58,840 $73,550 $88,260 $117,680
6 $33,740 $44,874 $46,561 $50,610 $67,480 $84,350 $101,220 $134,960
7 $38,060 $50,620 $52,523 $57,090 $76,120 $95,150 $114,180 $152,240
8 $42,380 $56,365 $58,484 $63,570 $84,760 $105,950 $127,140 $169,520
At or Below 150% of the FPG 100% or Free Care
Between 151% and 200% of the FPG 90% Discount
Between 201% and 250% of the FPG 80% Discount
Between 251% and 300% of the FPG 70% Discount
Between 301% and 350% of the FPG 60% Discount
At or Above 351% of the FPG 0% Discount

What if I do not meet the income limits for Financial Assistance?

If you cannot pay your bill, payment plans may be arranged with White River Health System. Please contact us at 870-262-3115 or 877-235-9091 speak with a Billing Department representative.

What do I need to apply for Financial Assistance?

Please bring one item of required documentation from each category.

Required Supporting Documentation Examples of Acceptable Documentation
Confirmation of Annual Income Most Recent Federal Income Tax Return Last 4 pay stubs Most recent W-2 or 1099 Social Security Award Letter Full Bank Statements for recent 3 months Unemployment Statement Workers Compensation Award Letter Pension or Retirement Statement Investment Income
Verification of Social Security Number and/or Date of Birth Driver's License State Issued Identification Card Social Security Card Birth Certificate Baptismal Certificate Military Discharge Papers School Records
Verification of Residency Mortgage Statement Rental Agreement/Lease Property Tax Bill Room & Board Statement Utility Bill Written Verification from Landlord

Return the above documentation to the Financial Office:

White River Medical Center

PO Box 2197
Batesville, AR 72503

Fax: (870) 262-6547

Stone County Medical Center

PO Box 510
Mountain View, AR 72560

Fax: (870) 269-6593

What is the Average Out-of-Pocket Cost for someone without insurance?

Costs will vary depending on the healthcare service rendered and the setting in which the care is delivered. You may call us at 870-262-2929 for an estimate.

Can someone explain the Financial Assistance Program and help me apply?

  • Yes, free confidential help is available. Call our Financial Advocates at 870-262-1253. You can also visit the Financial Advocates at White River Medical Center located on the 1st floor in the west entrance, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30pm or at Stone County Medical Center on the 1st floor in the main entrance, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.
  • If you do not speak English, translation services are available with an appointment.

    The Financial Advocate can tell you if you qualify for free or low-cost insurance such as Medicaid. If the Financial Advocate finds that you do not qualify for low-cost insurance, they will help you apply for Financial Assistance to reduce your bill. The Financial Advocate will help you complete all the forms and tell you which documents you need to bring.

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