First Baby of the New Year Arrives at WRMC

Despite the fact that the number of births at White River Medical Center are higher than ever, a rare occasion took place on New Year's Day--the first baby of 2012 was not born on January 1. WRMC's first baby of the year, Aaron Russell Thomas Crisp, decided to make his appearance in the world on January 2, 2012, a bit later than most New Year's babies.

Born to Tamara Faulkner and Nicholas Crisp of Cherokee Village, this 7 pound, 4 ounce bundle of joy's arrival was a surprise to his parents. While he may have made a late entrance being the first baby of the New Year, he was actually born weeks before the due date. "He wasn't actually supposed to be born until around January 20th," said mother, Tamara. "But I felt like he would be here earlier than that."

Her feelings were confirmed when, on New Year's Day, she began to have contractions. They were just slight at first, but as time when on, they became stronger and more painful. The next day, the couple decided it was time to go to the hospital. "After we arrived, it didn't feel like it was 20 or 30 minutes before he (Aaron) was here," said Dad, Nicholas.

A first time father, Nicholas admits that he wasn't sure what to expect, "Dr. Harville and the nurses here at WRMC made it an enjoyable experience; especially for a nervous first time father such as myself. I really want to give a big thanks to everyone at WRMC for making us feel so comfortable."

Tamara has two younger girls, Melaine, 4, and Jessie, 3, who can't wait to see their new sibling. "I spoke to them on the phone and they just kept asking, 'when are you bringing my baby brother home?'" said Nicholas.

What are their thoughts on having the first baby of the New Year? Both parents agree, "We're just thrilled to have a happy, healthy baby regardless of the time of year."

"Oh, and a boy," Nicholas adds with a grin.

Posted: January, 10 2012