Richard Clark WRMC Employee of the Month - April - 2019

News Summary
WRMC April Employee of the Month

Richard Clark, Senior Systems Analyst at White River Medical Center was chosen as the April 2019 WRMC Employee of the month. Richard was chosen for always providing a Prompt Response when his co-workers are in need of technical support. Richard’s work as a Senior System Analyst involves troubleshooting, communication programming, system programming, report development and much more.

When asked what he liked most about working at WRMC, Richard’s response was heartwarming. “The Cheerfulness; we make people happy. Our area has little patient contact, but we have a great deal of contact with the people who do. We care for the caregivers and every smile they give has a little of us in it.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Richard will be celebrating his 29th anniversary as a WRMC employee next month. 

When Richard isn’t saving us all from technical difficulties you can probably find him visiting with his family and children or reading a good book.

Thanks Richard, for just being you.  We are proud to have you on our team.