WRMC Surgery Clinic Provides High-Quality Imaging and Low Dose Exams with New Toshiba CT System

oshiba’s Aquillion Lightning Offers Fast, Safe, Comfortable Patient Exams with Advanced Technology Batesville, AR- Patients referred to WRMC Surgery Clinic, a facility of White River Medical Center (WRMC), will now have access to safer and more comfortable exams with the installation of Toshiba’s Aquillion Lightning CT system. CT is the acronym for Computed Tomography, a type of diagnostic imaging. WRMC Surgery Clinic offers traditional CT imaging, as well as CT Angiography and Low Dose Lung CT Screening. Low Dose Lung Screening CT scans produce image of sufficient quality to detect many abnormalities using significantly less radiation than a traditional CT scan. This is especially effective for diagnosing lung cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. The Aquillion Lightning combines advanced features like a wider bore and cutting-edge dose reduction technology with exceptional image quality to help healthcare providers deliver quality patient care. “To ensure our patients continue receiving fast and accurate imaging, we have bolstered our imaging offerings by installing Toshiba’s Aquillion Lightning CT system,” stated Bridgette Hopper, CT Manager, WRMC Surgery Clinic. “We constantly strive to provide a better patient experience with safer and low-dose exams for all of our facility’s imaging needs, and the Aquillion Lightning will help us to continue to exceed these goals and meet industry CT dose compliance standards.” For more information on the new Toshiba CT system or any of the services provided by WRMC Surgery Clinic, please call (870)307-0881.

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