WRMC Welcomes New Year's Baby

From Left April Collins, Karen Henley, Baby Zeplin, and Alena CollinsPictured from Left, April Collins, Karen Henley, Baby Zeplin, and Alena.

Karen Henley of Cherokee Village rang in the New Year with an unexpected surprise--she is the mother of the first baby of 2015 at White River Medical Center (WRMC) in Batesville.

Zeplin Ray Henley was born on January 1, 2015 at 11:39am. He came into the world weighing 6 pounds, 15.8 ounces, and was over 18 inches long. He is named after Led Zeppelin, a favorite band of Karen’s late Mother, Chris, to honor her memory.

On New Year’s Day, Karen awoke at 4am with strange pains, and decided to wait and call her Obstetrician, Dr. Meriden Glasgow, of the OB/GYN Center when the office opened. “When I told my sister, April Collins, that I was going to call the doctor’s office, she reminded me that it was New Year’s Day and the doctor’s office would probably be closed.” But it wouldn’t have mattered, because by 6:30am, Karen realized her baby wasn’t waiting until his scheduled delivery date of January 6 to make his appearance.

Since April had already left for work, Karen’s dad, Johnny Henley, drove her to WRMC. By noon, Karen was holding her newest bundle of joy, Zeplin.

Karen’s family members (sisters, April and Jenny; nieces, Alena and Sydney; nephew, Jacob; dad, Johnny; and stepmother, Tracy) are beyond excited; however, the happiest family member might just be big brother Hayden, age 6.  He has yet to hold his baby brother, but upon seeing a picture of the new addition, he exclaimed, “Oh my mama makes cute babies!”

Both mom and baby are doing well. The family returned home the weekend after New Year’s Day and, instead of going through with the original plans of packing bags to prepare for Zeplin’s arrival, they got to spend time together, adjusting to life at home with a new baby.

“I didn’t expect to have a New Year’s baby, but I feel like I’ve started this year with the best blessing,” she said. “Jesus blessed me with a perfectly healthy baby boy. This has been a more than perfect start to the year.”