Outpatient Therapy Services

Rehabilitation often referred to as therapy, is provided to patients in our hospitals and at outpatient clinics (PROS) in Batesville, Cherokee Village and Mountain View. WRHS offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services as ordered by your physician.


As our patient you will receive one-on-one treatment as prescribed in the plan of care designed especially for you. Our treatment team includes physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants, speech therapists and athletic trainers.



Conditions that may benefit from therapy services:

ACL Repair Dizziness Sciatica
Arthritis Fractures Speech Disorders
Back and Neck Pain Joint Pain Sprains
Balance Disorders Memory Disorders Stroke
Bursitis Parkinson's Disease Swallowing Disorders
Congenital Conditions Rotator Cuff Surgery Tendonitis
    Total Joint Replacement

Services include a full range of strengthening and/or stretching exercises, traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and infrared (light) therapy. Treatment also includes self care techniques to maximize independence. We provide computerized exercise programs tailored to your therapy needs.

For referral and insurance requirements for therapy services, please call the PROS office nearest to you.

PROS – Batesville

(870) 262-1271

PROS – Cherokee Village

(870) 257-6030

PROS - Mountain View

(870) 269-2871

PROS – Newport

(870) 512-2570