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Our Medical Services

White River Health System (WRHS) provides healthcare services to meet the health needs of families throughout North Central Arkansas.

At our hospitals, outpatient care centers, and physician offices, our employees provide quality, efficient healthcare services with the highest levels of personal service.

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For more information about the medical services available at our facilities, click one of the services listed or send an e-mail  to contact@wrmc.com.

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WRHS News and Updates

Kamoga Welcomed as Provider  
Friday, Aug 14, 2020
Doreen Kamoga, MD
Doreen Kamoga, MD, was recently welcomed as an Internal Medicine provider at the WRMC Internal Medicine Clinic located inside the Diagnostic Clinic at WRMC. 
WRHS Welcomes General Surgeons
Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020
Olga Zhadan, MD , Luke Edgecombe, MD
White River Health System (WRHS) recently announced the addition of two General Surgeons: Luke…

Community Events

 The Mission of White River Health System Foundation supports the healthcare mission of White River Health System through charitable giving and fundraising events.Learn more about the Foundation

"Excitement for our new baby, turned to fear when I experienced a medical emergency at home.

Ashton Gillihan Testimonial

" With our family history, we knew regular cancer screenings were important.

Brenda Horn & Donna Crabtree

Lisa Sellers, Batesville native shares her story on regaining confidence in her health after the discovery of multiple heart conditions. 

Lisa Sellers